Poems from a consumer.

There is but one God
In all life manifest
There is but one life
In all things manifest
There is but one thing
Not two
We're just the same
Me and you
There is but one God
Life is its prime
There is but one God
We call it time.

Tales of battle and victory,
Passed down through ages,
In the land of the free,
The victors wrote their pages.

Tales of valor and camaraderie,
Colored by tainted pigments,
Of people who wrote history,
With idiosyncratic figments.

Tales of oppression and greed,
Evil they bravely fought,
Of slaves that they freed,
And harmony that they brought.

Tales twisted dire,
With strains of hyperbolic scroll,
By men of infinite desire,
With minds of infinitesimal control.

A child,
Child in love.
Painted the hills, kicked the ball,
Crest and trough, he loved it all.

A man,
Product of environment.
Sought the fleeting, consumed the material,
Took more than gave, happiness never real.

A child,
Creator reborn.
Ran the mile, sang the song,
Science and art, he practiced day long.

A man,
Consumer reborn.
Sold his science, bartered his art,
For glory, product far from his heart.